Ask Flimsy


Anonymous asked: Whats your choice on the console war? PS4 or Xbox One?

mscat: where is your favorite spot to be petted? tummy? behind the ears?

Anonymous asked: What is your dream?

foofly asked: If Flimsy was to write a comic, what would it be about?

Anonymous asked: Hi Flimsy! How is your 2014 going so far? Also I wish I could hang out with you :)

Anonymous asked: Flimsy! Friend! Have you ever heard of Adam Young (A.K.A Owl City)?


Sorry Flimsy hasn’t answered any questions in a little while, we’re hoping to update very soon!

In the meantime why not read this nice review over at Forbidden Planet :)

Loves xxx

Anonymous asked: Do old people float?

Anonymous asked: doot doot

Anonymous asked: Can you make chocolate cake?

Anonymous asked: Do you like ice cream?

Anonymous asked: Do you think you are cute?

Anonymous asked: What’s Flimsy’s favourite nail polish colour?

Anonymous asked: What would be your two favoured weapons in a zombie apocalypse?

starspecks asked: it’s space time!